SpotChex & XChex


With over 30 years experience, Smith and Stilwell offers expert understanding and interpretation of SAG-AFTRA Contracts!

We have the ability to estimate:

  • From storyboard
  • Cast break-downs
  • Media buy
  • Session costs as well as residual projections

We provide:

  • Circle expiration notification
  • Renewal negotiations with agents
  • Celebrity negotiations

Smith and Stilwell affiliate, Broadcast Business Affairs (BBA) is signatory to SAG- AFTRA commercial and industrial contracts.  As signatory, we additionally provide talent clearance, contract preparation, on location assistance when requested and all contract negotiations.


Smith and Stilwell division, XChex, provides payroll service for non-Union Talent. Services include contract preparation, cycle expiration, exclusivity notification as well as all employer liabilities which include unemployment insurance, Worker’s Comp insurance, stated and federal income tax deductions.