ShowPay acts as employer-of-record for stagehands, exhibitors, display installations and permanent exhibit site installations. No matter where your production takes place within the United States, ShowPay can meet all of your payroll demands. Payroll turn-around is within 48 hours of receipt of your completed time cards. We can also accommodate any specialized needs you may have such as special payroll runs, voluntary deductions and specific invoicing requirements.

Because we specialize, our client base is also assured that our staff has a proficient understanding of the labor specifications. Since ShowPay acts as “Employer-Of-Record”, giving us the added incentive to make certain that our employees are treated fairly, with accuracy, and in a timely manner. When we enter into a contractual agreement, ShowPay always provides a certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance and information if an injury were to occur on the job site.

ShowPay performs the following:

• Calculate payments and pay personnel

• Compute, report and pay all federal, state and local taxes

• Prepare and file all necessary federal, state and local reports- including W-2s, and 941s

• Administer and process all claims for workers’ compensation and disability

• Handle all unemployment compensation claims and garnishments

• Compute and disperse all applicable Union dues and benefits

Rates differ from state to state- please email Annie Burch at for rates and more information.