Payroll South

Payroll South is a division of Smith & Stilwell dedicated to providing payroll services for all production personnel and crew for the motion picture production industry. Specializing in commercial, serial and film production, we bring a deep and nuanced understanding of the industry to the table. This allows us to make the payroll process as simple and clear as can be while still dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s. We strive to provide personable and customized solutions to our clients, setting the burden of payroll computation and compliance aside to allow them to concentrate their energy where it matters most.
Payroll South acts as employer-of-record for all personnel hired in the production of film or videotape commercials, corporate and training videos and films, multi-image and stage performances or presentations.

Payroll South is capable of paying your employees across the country.  (Rates may vary from state to state depending on unemployment and workers’ compensation rates.)

Our payroll service provides daily, weekly and salaried wages per individual client requests. We offer a quick turn-around of properly submitted timecards, provide direct deposit to all employees & customize invoices and projects specifically to our client’s needs.

Because we become the employer of record for your employees, we also offer:

• Easy reporting for each employee’s time, day rate or hourly rate

• Checks issued and mailed on your approval

• Nationwide workers comp insurance which we administer, handling all claims

• Unemployment insurance, for which we also handle all claims and paperwork

• Union fees and benefits administration, if applicable

• Accurate withholding for federal, state and city payroll taxes regardless of your location     or the location of your crew members

• Complete reports for all federal, state and local tax filings

• Preparation and filing of all necessary federal, state and local reports, including W-2’s

Payroll South strives to accommodate any specialized needs for our clients.  Be it special payroll runs, voluntary deductions or specific invoicing requirements, we can accommodate.